Patient Notes Software

Practice Master Pro takes a simple approach to patient notes using templates. You can create as many templates as you need and not just for different modalities. For example, you can create an 'Initial Consultation' template with different questions to your 'Follow Up' template or your 'Pregnancy' template.

Customisable Templates

There are built in templates for the main health care disciplines including Acupuncture, Naturopath, Osteopath and Podiatrist to name a few. You can customise these as much as you need, or simply create new ones from scratch.

When you are ready to take the notes during a patient's visit you simply choose the template you want and start taking notes.

Practice Master Pro acts as the perfect complementary therapy software as multi-disciplinary practitioners working together can have their own custom forms.

Create your own forms with custom lists and multiple choice questions

Easily Annotate Diagrams

We have taken a familiar approach to diagrams and streamlined it specifically for annotating and highlighting your own custom medical diagrams. Draw or annotate over the built in backgrounds or add your own to create professional high quality diagrams for your patient notes with remarkable ease.

You can add multiple diagrams to each visit and with a 'left click' you can draw freehand or lines and circles/ellipses. To quickly annotate diagrams you can use a 'right click and type' approach anywhere on the diagram.

Quickly create professional diagrams and annotate them


The dedicated prescriptions tab is available in the patient record as well as in the patient notes. You can add items to a prescription and they will automatically appear on invoices and stock will deduct from your inventory.

If you prepare your own composites/mixtures/packs they can also be added to prescriptions and a 'Dispensary View' can list the component parts to help with their preparation.

Prescriptions deduct stock from your inventory and automatically appear on invoices

Professional Handouts

Use your own Microsoft Word templates to quickly create professional quality handouts to give to your patients. For example, Osteopaths and Chiropractors can create an exercise sheet, or, Dieticians and Nutritionists can create a handout of high GI/low GI or high fibre foods. Simply add the items you want to each handout during the visit.

You can print your handouts in the practice to give to your patient or you can use the integrated 'right click email' features to send them straight to your patient's inbox.

Create professional handouts to give to your patients

Lock Visits

Visits can be 'locked' by the practitioner for patient privacy. This means that only the practitioner who took the notes can open them, or a practitioner with the security permission to open locked visits. You can also set a preference to automatically lock your visits for you.

Multiple Invoice Options

You can create invoices against patients, another patient, or a third party. If you are invoicing a child patient then you can set the invoice to use their parent's or primary carer's details on the invoice.

Invoices appear in the accounts for the visit, against the relevant patient or contact and also in the main Accounting area of the application.