Access Your Data Online Or Offline

With Practice Master Pro you are not dependant on an internet connection. You have all your data with you all the time whether online or offline. You can receive updates from the other practitioners when you are in the practice, and via the cloud when you are off-site. And if you are completely without internet you still have all your data with you. And with powerful security permissions and encryption your data is always safe from prying eyes.

Of course the synchronisation features are entirely optional, you can always use the client/server mode if you do not want any of your data to ever leave your practice.

Practice Master Pro works online as well as offline

Cloud Access

If you have the client software installed on your computer you can use the desktop app to connect directly to the cloud. This way you can access your data anywhere with an internet connection using the full featured desktop app.

If you find you still need to access your patients, bookings or patient notes from your smartphone or IPad when you are on the go you can use the 'Notes Online' website. This gives you access to your data from any PC, Mac, IPad or mobile phone with a web browser and an internet connection.

Any modifications you make on the web will automatically sync up with your practice computers and vice versa.

Access your data through the cloud

Desktop Performance  &  Reliability

Practice Master Pro is an affordable desktop application that integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Office software. You can install straight on to your laptop or Windows tablet if you work alone, or install to multiple computers in your practice. The application is lightweight so you do not need any additional or expensive hardware and is even tolerant of intermittent wireless networks.

Whilst comparable in price to website only (cloud) solutions, a desktop application has the added benefits of faster performance and improved reliability for your patient and practice data.

Continuous Live Data

When using the desktop application each user of Practice Master Pro from practitioners to receptionists will view up-to-date information. There are no refresh buttons in Practice Master Pro as each application is automatically kept in sync even when off-site over the cloud.

Like To See A Demo?

If you have watched the videos on this website but feel your practice has some special requirements not covered then you may like to arrange an online demo. You can simply connect to one of our computers and we can perform a live demo just for you. There is no software to install and no salesman will visit your practice.

Because we provide a 30 day money back guarantee we're just as interested as you are to make sure Practice Master Pro is right for you and your practice. Use the Contact Us form and request a demo today.

Arange a free online demo of Practice Master Pro

Ready For A Free Trial?

If you have watched the videos on this website then you have a good idea of whether the software will fit in to your practice. You can sign up for the trial software right here. You will receive an email with your serial and instructions to download so you can get started right away.

System Requirements

Please note: you do not need expensive hardware. The Practice Master Pro server is very efficient and can run on any desktop, laptop or Windows tablet computer with the following requirements.

Operating System Windows 10 (all versions)
Windows 8 (must support 'Desktop Mode')
Windows 7 (all versions)
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (all versions)
Windows Server 2008/2012
Mac - via Bootcamp, Parallels or Virtual Box (running a Windows version above)
Available Hard Disk Application requires 1GB
For practice and patient data we recommend around 100GB-300GB depending on your practice size
Minimum Ram 2GB
Minimum Resolution 1024 x 768
Required Software PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader etc)
Microsoft Word 2007 or greater is not essential but required to enable document generation features.